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Mission Statement

The purposes of the Center for Natural Resource Policy is:

(1) to provide Native American communities and other members of the public with natural resource policy, law, and scientific support;

(2) to conduct research and analysis, including field work about the law, policy, science, and management of the natural resources and environmental quality with the objective of advancing public, and in particular, tribal governmental interests in such law, policy, science, and management;

(3) to prepare and disseminate books, articles, reports, databases, studies, films, and other materials concerning the matters described in Paragraph (1);

(4) to sponsor educational activities, including lectures, seminars, courses, and conferences, and to sponsor student externships, research assistant positions, and legal clinic activities concerning the matters described in Paragraph (1);

(5) to engage in legal activities including preparation of amicus curiae briefs, review of administrative activities and litigation concerning the matter described in Paragraph (1).


What CNRP offers you and your organization

Over 30 years of policy experience

- Access to individuals with natural resource legal, policy, and scientific experience.
- Greater access to public policy officals.

Legal advocacy

- Possible pro-bono legal assistance on cases of significance to the Center.
- Referrals to environmental attorneys and key agency personnel.

Education and Outreach

- Staff and volunteers to help facilitate networking between groups with common interests.
- Informative presentations on forestry, water resources, agriculture, and other issues.
- CNRP authored aritcles and reports.

For more information about organizational membership,
please call CNRP at 206-232-4875.

CNRP is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible.


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